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Once upon a time, a redheaded kid from the Midwest got it into his head that he should live in Seattle. He packed up everything he owned and drove across the country, imagining the hip, cool jewel of the Pacific Northwest as a place filled with independent music, technology nerds and evergreen trees. He navigated the treacherous turnpikes of Chicago, almost fell asleep during a long, boring stretch of North Dakota highway, and marveled at the overwhelming size of Montana.

When he got to the gates of the Emerald City, he was not disappointed.

By day, Cory creates and refines content in the world of financial publishing. He spends his time chained to his IM client and squinting at the Internet, with at least three instances of Word or Excel a single click away. At night, Cory obsesses over video games, technology and indie music.

Okay, he does that during the day, too. But he still gets the job done.

Here are a few places to find Cory:

Gamers With Jobs - Cory is senior editor and contributor to this gaming news, theory and commentary site, as well as a long-standing member of its community. GWJ is home to some of the best writing about gaming culture and critique online, a place where mature, intelligent discussion meets exploding pixels and regenerating mana.

Selected Features:
Blue Light Special: How GameStop’s Used Game Sales Affect The Industry (industry feature)
Double-Teaming The Dead (editorial on Telltale’s The Walking Dead)
Street Fightin’ Man (culture story on Street Fighter 4 and arcades) 

GWJ Conference Call (iTunes) - Cory is a frequent contributor to and host of the wildly popular Gamers With Jobs podcast. He’s particularly proud of his interview with Jerry “Tycho” Holkins of Penny Arcade, and his chat with Luca Redwood (developer of 10000000 on iOS).

Freelance Work
Cory has written features for a variety of gaming outlets. Here is a sampling:

Super Fancy Good - Cory’s other Tumblr. Images and video collide in a sporadic burst of mild amusement.

Twitter - Oh yes, Cory’s on the Internet crack rock like everybody else. - Watch Cory listen to music, something he does far too often.

Three Imaginary Girls - Seattle’s home for indie sparkle-pop. Cory contributed album and live show reviews, and wrote and edited for the imagi-blog.

Cory now lives in Berkeley, California and can be reached at banks dot cory at gmail dot com. Do say hello.